Once more from the beginning…how to learn piano as an adult

Remember learning piano for the first time? If you’re like most of us it’ll have been scales and nursery rhymes, learning each hand separately and then combining them.

Well Andrew Quartermain, concert pianist and director of Pro Corda (the UK’s chamber music school) has other ideas! He’s developed a new method for teaching piano to adults,Ā aimed at beginners and returners to the instrument.

Andrew’s method is based on improvisation and gets students playing interesting material first šŸŽ¹, skipping education methods and pathways designed for children. He’s used it to great success with his own pupils, including actress Emma Thompson!

Emma Thompson – who learnt piano as an adult – highlighting fingers 1 and 2 for use on the piano…

We’ve captured Andrew’sĀ course on MusicGurus, check out hisĀ intro video below. We hope this course will be the key to unlocking the joy of the piano for loads of new learners. So if you know anyone who wants to learn, but wants to skip ‘Row, row, row your boat’, then point them in our direction!

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Liam is part of the team at MusicGurus. He is a music journalist and keen amateur jazz musician.

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