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The Affiliate Programme

Make money by connecting your audience to great content!

  • It’s free to join and easy to use, earn a 15% commission on MusicGurus sales you generate

  • Choose from hundreds of MusicGurus courses and e-Books to promote

  • Generate revenue whilst maintaining your editorial voice

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How it works

MusicGurus Affiliates provides a unique way for you to link to hundreds of Music Courses and e-Books for sale – from your website, in an email, on your social networks, on your forum, your shop, etc. Every time one of your viewers follows your link to to buy something, you get 15% of the sale amount.

Each course comes with a free preview and our digital catalog of high-quality HD video tutorials covers a huge range of instruments, music styles, and even music production and music industry training.

Our affiliate partners have an audience of people who play or have played an instrument or who may be interested in music creation & production. You might be a music shop, a music teacher, a music magazine or blogger … Ideal affiliates have a website or a forum that focuses on playing and performing techniques, instruments & hardware, digital instruments, recording techniques, DAWs, music learning, music business, or training tools.

Apply below to join our Programme, build some affiliate links to MusicGurus, make your first sale and start earning a 15% commission on MusicGurus sales. The Affiliate Programme is an easy way to earn money by selling MusicGurus products & offers on your website.

Do you have a question before joining the programme? Contact us.

Programme Highlights

  • Enrich your own site’s content: Good content generates more traffic
  • Attractive financial reward: You can earn a 15% commission on customer purchases
  • 90-day tracking cookie
  • Access to top-performing banners and ad creative
  • See the leads and sales you generate in real-time. Track your performance with advanced reporting tools.
  • Regular newsletter with updates on promotion, contests, and sales opportunities
  • In-house Affiliate Management providing creative and strategy support to get the best out of the programme

Registration Process

It’s easy and free to join. Get up and running today:

1) Apply for the Affiliates Programme using the link below. Before applying, make sure your website meets the following criteria:

  • the website is functional and has value-added content that can drive incremental purchases on MusicGurus
  • you have a Paypal or bank account that can receive direct deposits

2) We will review your application within 3 working days

3) You will receive a confirmation email once you are accepted into the programme.

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