Did Beethoven invent boogie woogie?

Did you know that in his final piano sonata, Beethoven accidentally stumbled into playing boogie woogie!? 🎹

There are clear echoes of rag-time/boogie playing in his piano sonata no 32. Check it out and hear for yourself in the video below.

Did Beethoven invent boogie? Well probably not. Musicologists consider the sonata’s similarities to boogie to be largely an accident of experimentation with note values. 🎼

The sonata acts as bridge between two of our piano gurus András Schiff, who analyses Beethoven’s late sonatas, including no. 32, in a course on MusicGurus, and Paddy Milner whose boogie woogie course could teach Beethoven a thing or two!

So here’s the compare and contrast. Beethoven vs Paddy Milner in a boogie-off:

In the red corner…Beethoven!


In the blue corner …Paddy Milner!


One student of Paddy’s boogie course called it, “the best money i ever spent on piano”, so if you want to learn the good stuff, seek out Paddy, who is also available for 1 on 1 tutoring.

And if Beethoven is more your bag, look to András Schiff!


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