A How-To Guide To Being An Affiliate

Congratulations, you’re a Music Gurus affiliate, which means you can now earn commission from sales that come through your digital network. To get yourself set up as an affiliate, register your details here. You will then get an email thanking you for your application, and someone at MusicGurus will approve the application within 1-3 working days. [...]

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NME Drum Competition – Winners!

Congratulations to our NME competition winners Theo Davey and Maddie King! Theo and Maddie will both get an epic Rockschool online drumming course and three 1-2-1 online sessions with a proper drum guru to show them what's what and how to lay down a badass drum groove. And don't worry - you too are a winner! Or [...]

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Hammond Organ: What any musician can learn from the ultimate ‘less is more’ instrument

The Hammond Organ is a mysterious beast. It must've seemed like space-age technology when it emerged in the 1930s, and even now the instrument retains something of the Dr Who about it. For a period in the 1960s there was hardly a chart hit that didn't feature a Hammond organ, with organists like Booker T [...]

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Cory Wong: The unusual journey of the guitarist everyone’s talking about

If you're heard of Minnesotan guitarist Cory Wong at all, it's probably in association with retro-funk outfit Vulfpeck. The young guitarist's funky rhythm guitar chops can be heard on their latest album The Beautiful Game, including on a track named after Wong himself. With his fresh-faced look, it's easy to assume that Wong dropped fully formed [...]

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Once more from the beginning…how to learn piano as an adult

Remember learning piano for the first time? If you're like most of us it'll have been scales and nursery rhymes, learning each hand separately and then combining them. Well Andrew Quartermain, concert pianist and director of Pro Corda (the UK's chamber music school) has other ideas! He's developed a new method for teaching piano to [...]

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Copycat! The power of transcription in learning music

For many musicians, even pros, the discipline of transcription - listening to a piece of music and accurately rendering it in musical notation - occupies a guilty blind spot. The great classical maestros and jazz soloists are constantly prescribing it as a means to musical advancement, but it feels medicinal; we know it's good for us, [...]

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How to do slow-motion and looping video on MusicGurus.com

Today, we just introduced a new feature on MusicGurus.com: the ability to loop any part of our video tutorials, and to slow them down without changing pitch. This was the number one feature that all of you requested. Now you can capture the distinct sound of our gurus – whether that be the virtuoso [...]

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