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The 5 Mistakes New Guitarists Need To Avoid

The 5 most common mistakes for Guitarists So you've recently purchased your guitar, or you are in the process of scouring the net for tutorials you can trust. Learning an instrument is like learning how to do anything else, and theres a chance you may pick up one or two bad habits [...]

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4 Reasons why music education is dying.

Music education poses a countless list of benefits, enchanting your social experience and your capacity to think. Your experience in music education depends on the quality of your tutor, size of the classrooms and what region you study in to name a few. The quality of conventional music education, or satisfaction from students however have been [...]

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Join MusicGurus as a Brand Ambassador today!

“Learn from the Pros”. That is the MusicGurus philosophy and we mean it. We offer some of the best music tuition the internet has to offer. We work with professional artists, to film awesome video courses that capture their unique knowledge and skills for students to learn from across the world.   The Role We [...]

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