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New on MusicGurus: Challenge assignments. Check out this how-to guide for tutors.

"Challenge assignments" are a new feature that allows students to submit work in any format and get 1-to-1 feedback from industry pros via an easy to use tutoring interface. Challenges feature and 1-2-1 feedback on MusicGurus.com The challenges give students short term goals to focus on as they progress through a course, and the direction and [...]

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How to do slow-motion and looping video on MusicGurus.com

Today, we just introduced a new feature on MusicGurus.com: the ability to loop any part of our video tutorials, and to slow them down without changing pitch. This was the number one feature that all of you requested. Now you can capture the distinct sound of our gurus – whether that be the virtuoso [...]

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Notting Hill Music Immersive Online Course – PILOT EDITION

Learn how to write songs like a pro and get published (Oct-Nov Cohort)! Participants in the phase II pilot of this immersive online course will get exclusive access to the Tileyard Studios community, personalised guidance and feedback from professional songwriters, and access to John Saunderson, Head of A&R at Notting Hill Music who'll listen to the best [...]

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