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Affiliate Programme FAQ

What is the Affiliate Programme anyways?
The Affiliate Programme is an easy way to earn money by selling MusicGurus Courses & e-Books on your website, in emails, on your social networks, on your forum, your shop, etc.
You post custom links to Musicugurus that your viewers click on, and every time they follow a link and buy something, you get 15% of the sale amount.

I’m a new affiliate, how do I get started?
First of all, welcome! You’ll have received a welcome pack by email but you can also check out our how-to guide on being a MusicGurus affiliate. In a few minutes, you’ll be up and running.

How do I build a link to a specific course or e-Book on
In your affiliate dashboard, head on over to the “Link Generator” tab. Paste the link to the MusicGurus product/page that you want to link to and click the “Generate” button”. The generator will display a link that you can use, as well as some HTML code that you can directly paste into your web page, email, social network, etc.

If you’re interested in embedding more than one product on your website, it’s possible! Contact us, and we’ll provide you with an embed code for your own mini-shop.

Where can I find banners to advertise MusicGurus on my Web site?
Head on over to our press kit and banners collection. Here, you’re find a ton of creative assets that you can use on your Web site. Assets are organized by groups, so you can easily jump to a specific instrument or topic for example.

When will I be paid?
As soon as your total earned commission in in excess of a £50 threshold, you’re eligible for a payment. We currently process payments quarterly and we can make a bank or paypal money transfer to the account you’ve specified in the preferences section of your dashboard. If we owe you less than the threshold, your fees will be rolled over to the next month’s total.

What payment methods are available?
You can choose to be paid either by bank transfer (UK BICS or international SWIFT/IBAN), or by paypal, whichever is most convenient for you.
Head on over to your account settings, the “Person” icon in your dashboard, to modify your payment preference. Click on “More info” to set it.

How do I view my sales statistics?
You can head over to your affiliate dashboard. On the welcome page, you’ll have a clear view of all page views and sales you’ve generated, displayed by day. You can change the time period to select a certain range and you can export the data by simply clicking the “export” button at the top of the report.
The data summarizes the number of visitors you’ve sent to, the resulting orders that have been placed, your earnings and the calculated conversion rate.

How do I view my payment history?
Your payment history is located in your dashboard. Head on over to the “Payments” tab to view all the payments that we’ve made to your account.

More questions?
We recommend checking out this great resource, it’s everything you ever wanted to know about Affiliate Marketing!
And of course, we’re here to help, so feel free contacting us anytime by email or via our contact form.