4 Reasons why music education is dying.

Music education poses a countless list of benefits, enchanting your social experience and your capacity to think. Your experience in music education depends on the quality of your tutor, size of the classrooms and what region you study in to name a few. The quality of conventional music education, or satisfaction from students however have been increasingly declining. Joining an inefficient or unsatisfactory tuition service will only be a waste of time, dedication and money.

Group tuition

One of the major issues found with conventional education are the size of the classes. Although one-to-one tuition is an option, the average instrument player opts for slightly cheaper group classes. However, in doing this, just like with all forms of conventional education, teachers are often stretched and cannot tend to the individual needs to their students. So where group tuition often feels like the best value for money, in some cases, this form of tuition is everything but. Developing your unique style is vital to playing an instrument. If you cannot receive adequate one to one tuition however your own creativity can suffer from limitations. MusicGurus understand that students need to have full attention and deserve to receive personalised feedback. Our digital service allows students to directly communicate and send videos to tutors, in exchange for direct, personalised video feedback.


Tuition can be expensive, the ISM released a survey concluding the mid point for fees charged by music teachers in the UK is £30 per hour. Although costs do vary from region to region, (expect to pay the higher end if you are living in a capital city). Apply all of this to principle of Malcolm Gladwell’s famous quote “an extraordinarily consistent answer in an incredible number of fields … you need to have practiced, to have apprenticed, for 10,000 hours before you get good.” makes being good a very expensive objective to achieve, especially in comparison to MusicGurus where all it takes to access a full course, with every lesson, is a one off payment.

Lack of flexibility

Music education does not require as much sacrifice to your day to day life as it is made out, conventional music education however certainly does. Many of us in this age are used to our lives being personalised; personalised banking, music streaming even food shopping. So why isn’t the same applied to music education? Providers like us allow students to study when they want, where they want and at their own pace. Adjusting to the norms of our modern digital age.

Quality control

Where it is common practice for school teachers, university lecturers etc. to be qualified and held accountable by a regulatory body, music tuition is still generally a private, unregulated sector. Although associations have been formed in the past 5 years to solve this issue, they have not spread as widely as anticipated, leaving students to simply trust they will see the recieve the quality expected . MusicGurus only use professional artists for our tuition courses, keeping the bar high for those we endorse on our platform, students can rest assured that wherever they see our logo, they can expect quality. “Learn from the Pros”.

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